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6 Week Fall Programs Available Now!

Shooting Mechanics

Ball Handling & Creating off of the Dribble

Footwork & On Ball Defense


SIT Basketball Trains athletes of all ages and skill sets at multiple locations throughout the denver metro & boulder


player BEnefits

Private Basketball Training allows athletes to work 1on1 with a highly qualified basketball trainer. The trainer and athlete work to improve on weak areas, while also accomplishing goals. Time spent with a trainer can be invaluable. 


At SIT we take pride in utilizing technology in all of our workouts. We use Video Technology in order to get better results and analysis. Players are able to see drills on video in real time in order to assess, understand, and improve skills quicker.


Players will learn valuable skills while eliminating bad habits. Players will also learn drills to build cohesion with other players. Example 2 man pick and roll or 3on2, 2on1

ELITE Trainers

All SIT Basketball Trainers have coached and/or played college basketball. Trainers complete continuous training in order to remain the best for our athletes. SIT Trainers go above and beyond creating programs specifically for each athlete.

detailed evaluations

Each player receives a personalized evaluation and progress plan. Evaluation includes strengths, weaknesses, position assessment, and more!

INstant video analysis

All drills are played back on our video monitor to allow for instant discussion and analysis. We find that players are able to have a better understanding and improve quicker when they are able to view themselves in real time

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